Barcelona May 2019

2nd Barcelona International Dragon Boat Festival
Pink Champagne took a team of 10 to Barcelona in May 2019, to compete in the 2nd Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Festival.
After a downpour of  rain on the Friday, the sun came out in time for a training session at the Olympic Lake. On the Saturday the team competed in the Women Senior races achieving 3rd place in the final
The Sunday saw the team racing against other Breast cancer Survivor teams, there were 12 BCS teams there, from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, USA  and Pool of Life and Pink Champagne from the UK. The team came 5th in the final, and gave it their all.

The day ended with a very emotional flower ceremony, which involved all of the Breast Cancer Survivors Teams at the Festival. The flower ceremony has become an important tradition in breast cancer survivor Dragon Boat racing.Teams come together in a place on the water where the audience on shore can be part of the flower ceremony, and the boats are rafted together.

Usually a commentator, often a breast cancer survivor, will say a few words about breast cancer awareness, the importance of celebrating the lives of survivors, of offering hope to those still battling cancer, and of honouring those who tragically have lost the battle to the disease.

When the music begins, each paddler raises a pink flower above her head and holds the hand of a fellow paddler in the next boat. With flowers raised, the paddlers sway to the music, and the audience on shore, many of whom have relatives and friends affected by the disease, raise their flowers and sway with the paddlers. At a signal, the paddlers and those on the shore toss the pink flowers on the water, both to celebrate survival, and to remember those who did not survive.