Liverpool , Dragon & Flowers event and BDA racing

15-16 June 2019

On 15th June the team travelled to Liverpool’s dock land to take part in two days of racing. Firstly we took part in ‘Pool of Life’s’ Dragon and Flowers festival. There were over 60 breast cancer survivor paddlers taking part in this day and Pink Champagne won the breast cancer race, and came 3rd in a slalom race.

The following day was the British Dragon Association day of racing, this was the first time in this series of events that a separate racing category was held for breast cancer survivor teams. Pink Champagne won this race, as well as competing in five other 350 meter sprints, a 2500 meter race and a 500 meter slalom race.

A new team was launched at this event, the Pink Royals, a UK Breast Cancer composite team, run by Pink Champagne’s coach Wendy Grose. The idea is to give breast cancer paddlers in the UK and opportunity to race in the UK and abroad.